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Flyde Backend Builder is a visual API and scheduled jobs builder based on Flyde, an open-source visual programming language. Experience the ease of visual programming with no vendor lock-in, and enjoy streamlined database support for efficient and flexible workflow management.

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Visual Flow-Based Editor

Drag-and-drop functionality meets powerful logic-based nodes. Build your API flows visually, without sacrificing the granularity and control you'd get from hand-coding.

Visual Debugger

Debugging shouldn't be a headache. Visually trace your API calls to see what's happening behind the scenes.


Say goodbye to vendor lock-in. Powered by Flyde - the open-source visual programming language for developers, you can export your data and APIs and run them on your own servers.

Built-In Analytics

Get insights right where you need them. Track API usage, error rates, and latency directly within the Flyde Builder dashboard.

Built-in Database

Simplify your API development with our built-in Postgres abstraction for easy CRUD operations. Need more? Connect to external databases for advanced data manipulation.

Instant Deployment

Deploy your API with a single click. Effortlessly manage versions, rollbacks, and updates.

Example Use-Cases

Backend for a Mobile App: Rapidly create and deploy a CRUD API for mobile applications using the built-in database.
Telegram Alert Bot: Custom news, weather, or stock alerts delivered to your Telegram based on user-defined triggers.
Scrape News Sites: Scrape news sites, and use OpenAI to label them and store them into the built-in DB.
GitHub PR Auto-Labeller: Automatically label new pull requests based on the files changed or keywords in the PR description

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flyde Backend Builder and what sets it apart?
Flyde Backend Builder is a rapid API, webhook, and scheduled trigger (cron job) builder powered by a visual flow-based programming model. Unlike other solutions, Flyde Backend Builder focuses on a narrow, yet deep, set of functionalities tailored for professionals who need to prototype and deploy APIs and triggers rapidly.
How much will it cost?
Flyde Backend Builder aims to offer value at every level of usage, starting absolutely free for beginners and smaller projects. For those who grow with us and require more advanced features, we'll introduce a simple yet flexible pricing model. This includes a base subscription for continuous access to enhanced functionalities and a pay-as-you-go option for when your usage spikes. This way, you only pay more when you're doing more, ensuring Flyde Backend Builder's pricing grows with your needs.
How does Flyde Backend Builder compare to Zapier?
While Zapier excels at connecting popular web apps for non-technical users, Flyde Backend Builder is designed for a more technical audience who wants finer control over their automations. Think of Flyde Backend Builder as a visual serverless platform. It's a middle ground that allows you to build custom flows with built-in analytics, deployments, and versioning. If Flyde Backend Builder ever becomes too limiting, you can easily move your project to a full-fledged serverless or PaaS environment.
Do I need coding skills to use Flyde Backend Builder?
While Flyde Backend Builder is designed to simplify the API and trigger creation process with its visual interface, it's primarily aimed at technical users who have a basic understanding of programming concepts and syntax. So yes, a degree of technical proficiency will help you get the most out of Flyde Backend Builder.
What is the built-in database?
Flyde Backend Builder provides a built-in database that's essentially an abstraction over PostgreSQL, making CRUD operations a no-brainer. If you need more power or already have a database, you can easily connect Flyde Backend Builder to any external database of your choice.
Is it possible to self-host my projects?
Absolutely. Flyde Backend Builder is built on top of the open-source framework Flyde. You can export your flows and any custom code you've added to Flyde Backend Builder, then run them on your own servers using Flyde's MIT-licensed npm packages. If you want to further edit or extend your flows, you can do so using Flyde's VSCode extension.
Is Flyde Backend Builder a type of Serverless platform?
In a way, yes. Flyde Backend Builder is a 'visual serverless' platform, designed to accelerate your API and webhook projects. With built-in analytics, instant deployments, and versioning, it's a powerful tool for rapid development. And if you ever outgrow it, you can easily transition to a traditional serverless framework.
What kind of analytics does Flyde Backend Builder offer?
With Flyde Backend Builder, analytics aren't just an afterthought—they're baked right into the platform. By constructing your flows visually, you unlock a new dimension in analytics that's also visual. See heatmaps directly on your flows to understand which parts are most active. Identify bottlenecks at a glance and replay sessions for deeper insights. With Flyde Backend Builder, you're not just building faster; you're understanding your processes like never before.
We'll send a single email when we launch. No spam, ever.
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